Key services offered at Prentice and Bush Tree Service

Thinning & Deadlimb: Thinning out the tree and removing dead limbs opens up the canopy of the tree to beautify, allows grass to grow underneath and helps prevent dead limbs from forming due to insufficient sunlight. This process also helps when damaging winds come.

Removal: The tree is completely removed and at the customers request, and for an additional charge, the stump will be ground out also. We have the knowledge and the equipment needed to do removals from the most dangerous to the simplest of trees.

Preventative Plant Healthcare: We are licensed pesticide applicators through the state of Missouri. We can help your trees with insect problems, feed them for a healthier look or just enhance their overall health. There are several problems that can occur with any tree. Some of these include Oak wilt, Dutch Elm disease, the Emerald Ash borer and Iron deficiency just to name a few. If caught in the very early stages, some of these diseases can be slowed down and even reversed.

Cabling & Bracing: Used when a tree has the potential to split or is splitting in a fork. The cable supports the upper part of the tree keeping the tree from splitting any further. In some cases the tree will eventually heel.

Residential tree and shrub care services can enhance the beauty and value of your landscape investment.
Explore our commercial tree and shrub care services to discover how we can provide solutions for commerical properties.

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