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So, that big tree has GOT to go......or maybe you just want to give those beautiful shade trees the trimming they've needed for so long. Whatever the need, Prentice & Bush is your answer! Believe me, choosing the right tree service can be a real challenge for a homeowner. Searching ads and talking to neighbors for recommendations, then calling various services and arranging meetings to get bids on the job, can be frustrating. By the time all the bids are in and the opinions and head scratching are done, you can be so confused you entertain thoughts of calling off the whole thing. This was certainly the case with me. But you know, sometimes it might just be the slightest little thing that gives you that gut feeling........these are the right people for the job. That's just what happened here.

We had a huge Gum tree and an equally sized Ash tree in our front yard. We were so tired of those gum balls year after year. My wife and I had discussed putting in a large flower area in the front, problem was, that crummy Gum tree. So, after some long consideration, we decided to have it removed. No more gum balls........woohoo ! While we were at it, we wanted the Ash tree trimmed.

We began the task of finding the right service, and for the right price of course. To make a long story short, we got several bids from various services, looked at their ads, etc. Finally, the last service we came across was Prentice & Bush. I went to their web site and, wow, impressive. They had detailed descriptions of their services, along with pictures of their equipment. So, I gave them a call and made an appointment for a bid.

When Jason Bush arrived, he was very friendly, and had that distinct aura of professionalism about him. We went over what I wanted and discussed details. Then, I waited for the shoe to drop. Price? Let me say, it wasn't the shoe that dropped it was my jaw. I thought he was kidding me. I was shocked to hear the low, low price he bid . And the service he described floored me. We agreed on having the Gum tree removed, the stump and many roots ground, the Ash tree trimmed, and he assured me the area would be cleaned up completely and all the debris hauled away. I really had that gut feeling that this was the guy.

On the morning of the removal, the first vehicle arrived promptly on time as agreed. There's an old saying, you only have one chance to make a first impression. And what an impression it was. Here came two clean and polished trucks, one with a Bob Cat mover on a trailer and the other pulling a large grinder. Right behind came a large, again clean and polished bucket truck followed by a large hauler truck. The armada was really a sight to see.

I went outside and Jason Bush greeted me. His crew was very neat, yet dressed for heavy work. He went over the details of the operation to be sure I understood the work completely. While we were talking, the crew got right to work, as opposed to some crews who stand around waiting for the boss to tell them what to do, The whole atmosphere was one of busy bees and each confident in their job. I was so impressed, I went and grabbed my camera. I had to get pics of all this, it was impressive.

Jason mounted the bucket truck, and started right in on the Gum tree. Now like I said, this was no small tree. I couldn't believe how fast it was coming down, and with extreme precision. I have a yard light right behind the tree, and the limbs fell all around, but never touched it. The crew went right to work making piles for the claw to remove. You know, I've had experiences where the crews don't get along, and the animosity has been obvious. This crew, however, has its stuff in one bag ! Watching them was like watching a well rehearsed play. It was almost fluid. The camaraderie was such that when Jason felled one particular large branch, he cut it so it would fall just right and after a couple of loop-d-loops, fell direct on target on the largest pile. One crew member raised his hands signifying "touchdown." I tell you it was really fun to watch.

I snapped pictures as the tree disappeared before my eyes. As the crew removed the debris to the hauler, Jason took up the task of trimming the Ash tree. Again this tree is large. He did as much as he could from the bucket, the mounted climbing spikes and with safety ropes and gear belt in place, he cruised through the top of that tree like the skilled monkeys you see in the movies. Never have I seen something made to look easier.

Next, came the grinder. Again it was all orchestrated. The Gum stump and surrounding roots disappeared in minutes. All the while the crew was busy picking up, raking, and shoveling debris. Jason finished the primary grinding and now mounted the Bob Cat. He went right at picking up bucket after bucket of debris and dumping it on the removal truck. Shortly thereafter. Jason piloted the Bob Cat to begin grading the entire area. The crew raked, shoveled, axed smaller roots and smoothed the area by hand. The Bob Cat done for now, Jason inspected the area, and decided more root grinding was needed. "Damn perfectionist !" Anyway, back came the grinder and away went more roots. Again, the Bob Cat came in and debris removed and the area smoothed both by machine and by hand. I don't know which was faster, the felling and grinding, or the complete clean-up.

The time had passed quickly. It seemed like only minutes, the work was that precise. As each piece of the heavy equipment was returned to its trailer, and the shovels and rakes and implements of destruction put away, I couldn't's over. I have to confess I was a bit saddened; it was so much fun to watch.

Jason came to the house with his paperwork case while the crew finished up the clean-up. Outside, I inspected the work and Jason inquired if it was to my satisfaction. Hell, what's not to be satisfied with. The Gum tree and roots gone, the yard smoothed, the trimming on the Ash tree outstanding (leaving a nice shape to it), and the debris totally removed and the area neat and tidy.

Jason and I went inside and conducted our business. In a way, I felt I was taking advantage of them considering the low price and the outstanding quality of the work. Talk about worth it ! By the time we finished our business, the crew had everything ready to go. Jason and I shook hands and like Santa Claus, in the blink of an eye, they were gone.

I really mean this when I say, in my opinion, they're the best in the business. If you want quality tree service done, as well as other yard services for a fair price, I cannot more highly recommend Prentice & Bush. If you want to talk to me personally about their service feel free to call me. My name is Michael McCann and I live in Gladstone. My number is 816-468-4438

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