The History of Prentice and Bush Tree Service

Prentice and Bush Tree Service was started by my grandfather, Delbert Prentice, in the 1960's when he got laid off by Burlington Northern Railroad in Liberty, MO. As Randy, his son, started high school, he began to work with grandpa. They were virtually the only tree service in Liberty for several years. Not too long after, the first grandson of the Prentice family, which was me, was born to Delbert's daughter. That in turn made my last name Bush. I started going to the jobsites with them when I was about seven or so. I lived with grandpa and grew up learning the business until I got into high school. I used to ride my bike across town after school listening for the chipper so I could find them and work. Grandpa eventually reached the point where his body just wouldn't allow him to continue the hard labor that comes with this business so his son Randy took over. In that time, he taught me how to climb.

After 30+ years of climbing, Randy realized that his hips and knees couldn't take anymore so he stopped. I just couldn't sit back and watch all that grandpa had built go to waste, so I decided to take ownership. We kept the old business number so his loyal customers could still call when they wanted to use our services. Grandpa was so well liked by his customers that they still ask about him to this day. He even shows up on a job every now and then. Grandpa was always honest with people and did right by them. He wouldn't hesitate to do a small job for free just to help out the elderly or maybe a widow. These are some things that I learned from him and will continue to live by. I think that is why we have been here for 50 years and are still going. He is 83 now and would still give you his last dollar or the shirt off his back without a second thought. So in short, that's how we have become a three generation company.

I have been married for 14 ½ years and have two children. My wife works with me full time as a groundsman and juggles all of the kids' activities. Being self-employed allows us to spend a lot more time with them. I have always lived by the philosophy of putting God and my family first.

Our daughter is a very active, free-spirited little girl. She takes gymnastics and plays volleyball. In February 2010 she placed 3rd out of 50 in her singles routine at the championship meet for gymnastics. She has a beautiful singing voice which she uses quite a bit at church and is getting ready to learn the violin.

Our son is very active too. He plays basketball, competitive baseball and runs track. He is also actively involved in boy scouts. That is something that we do together. He plays the guitar and the saxophone. They are both straight A students. My wife and I support them in everything they do. We are at every practice, every game, every meet, every concert. We are a very close family.

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